In Portugal, functions of control, inspection and regulation of gambling operation and activities are performed jointly by:
  • The Gambling Commission (Comissão de Jogos), an organisation that coordinates and supervises the activity of the Gambling Regulation and Inspection Service. It has powers to control, inspect, regulate and sanction
  • The Gambling Regulation and Inspection Service (Serviço de Regulação e Inspeção de Jogos), which holds inspective powers and directly controls, regulates and inspects the operation of territorial and online gambling.

The Gambling Commission is responsible for:
  • Issuing licences for the operation of online gambling and betting
  • Issuing regulations
  • Monitoring of compliance and respect for concession contracts signed with operators of territorial-based gambling, as well as any other relevant legal obligations
  • Rulings on administrative proceedings and offences, including those involving gambling and betting advertising, applying all relevant fines, sanctions and necessary preventive measures defined by the law
  • The approval of codes of conduct and manuals of good practices of territorial-based gambling and online gambling and betting.
  • The approval of implementation rules for territorial-based gambling and online gambling and betting
  • The approval of a list that includes all categories, competitions, sports events and horse racing events that could be subjected to online gambling and betting, as well as the definition of types and timings of bets and the types of results over which betting can occur
  • The definition of the value for deposits owed by gambling and online betting concessionaires and operators
  • The approval of online gambling and betting technical systems
  • Ordering audits, inquiries, probes or other investigations regarding the management and activities of gambling concessionaires and operators, including their economic, financial and tax situation (as far as special gambling taxes are concerned)
  • Applying preventive and sanctionatory measures that restrict access to gambling rooms or other places authorised for territorial-based gambling

The Gambling Regulation and Inspection Service is responsible for:
  • Issuing binding instructions and guidelines, as well as recommendations
  • Providing technical support to police authorities regarding prevention and punishment of illegal practices related to territorial-based games of chance
  • Developing tools for administrative cooperation with authorities and relevant services for the prevention and punishment of illegal practices related to online gambling and betting
  • Establishing administrative and infringement processes, including those related to gambling and betting advertising
  • Settling the payment of compensations, rates and taxes concerning activities and operation of territorial-based gambling and online gambling and betting.

The Gambling Regulation and Inspection Service is coordinated by a Director and it is organised into 4 departments: 
  •  Planning and Control of Gambling Activity Department
  •  Gambling Regulation Department
  •  Gambling Projects Management Department
  •  Online Gambling Department

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