Regulated Gambling and Betting

Regulated Gambling and Betting

The following types of online gambling and betting are authorized:

  • Fixed-odds sports betting 
  • Horse race betting (mutual and fixed-odds)
  • Games of chance, including:
    • Baccarat point and banque / Macau Baccarat point and banque;
    • French banque;
    • Blackjack/21;
    • Bingo;
    • Slot machines that include one or more spinning reels with symbols or graphic elements that progressively become static on the game line(s) and form combinations of symbols;
    • Poker in tournament mode;
    • Non-banked Poker (variants «Omaha», «Hold’em» and «synthetic poker»);
    • Caribbean Stud Poker;
    • American roulette;
    • French roulette.

Rules for the fixed-odds sports betting, mutual or fixed-odds horse racing betting and games of chance are defined by the regulation approved by the Gambling Commission.

The operation of new types of games of chance not included in the list above can be authorized by the Gambling Commission, who will define the relevant rules and regulations. The operation of non-regulated online gambling and betting is strictly forbidden.

Fixed-odds sports betting and mutual or fixed-odds horse racing betting can only be carried out within the context of the approved sport, competitions, sports events or horse racing events belonging to a list that has been defined and approved by the Gambling Comission. The list is created after an audition with relevant sports federations with recognized public utility — this is done in order to guarantee the suitability of the competition and relevant promoting institutions.

National horse races and competitions included in this list are those that appear in the official calendar of the Portuguese National Authority for Animal Health (Direção-Geral de Alimentação e Veterinária)

Check the list of modalities, competitions, sports events, betting types and times and result types that are covered by fixed-odds sports betting.

The following behaviours are considered very serious offences:

  • Providing access to online bets that are not included in the aforementioned lists
  • Providing access to online gambling and betting that is not complying with regulations
  • Providing access to new online gambling and betting that is not regulated
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