Privacy and Security Policy

Exclusion of Responsability

The Gambling Regulation and Inspection Service will develop efforts in order to ensure that all Portal information is the most relevant. However it is not possible to assure updated information, express or implied, therefore it is not responsible for the consequences that result of the use of the given information, direct or indirect.

Hence the Gambling Regulation and Inspection Service requests direct contact, in this case. The Portal information could be connected to an external location thus having no responsibility for it.

Whenever a user finds outdated data in the Portal, the Gambling Regulation and Inspection Service would thank to be informed, so that it can be corrected.

Collection and use of personal data

SRIJ does not collect your personal data on this website unless you provide it voluntarily (for instance when you use our online form to ask for information or require a license).

Any information that you provide through our website will only be used by SRIJ to the purpose described.

Collection and use of technical information (cookies)

This website does not use cookies.

In our Network server it´s only registered the technical information relative to the visits to this website. The website does not collect information that can be used to identify the visitors of the website.


The Gambling Regulation and Inspection Service (SRIJ) has an Information Security Management System (ISMS), that includes documented security policies, approved and published internally and available for consultation if relevant and requested.

The ISMS includes the organizational structure, planning activities, risk management approach, responsibilities, practices, processes and resources.

The ISMS is designed to establish security mechanisms, ensure the protection and control of information assets and provide confidence to interested parties.

ISMS Information Security Policy available here.

Interpretation and Jurisdiction

The interpretation of these terms and conditions as well as any legal disputes within the Portal shall be regulated by Portuguese courts and law.

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